Real talk …

Let’s skip the hundreds of hours of course videos and guru lies about the magical formula to creating the “perfect” online course and get to what you really want. But first, let me ask you this:

Wouldn’t it be awesome to serve way more people than you do now – without the exhaustion of around the clock one-on-one meetings with clients all while burning the midnight oil to get stuff done?

Now, before you answer, think about where you are today. Does any of this sound familiar?


You are busy

Between seeing clients all day, raising kids, loving up on your significant other and trying to squeeze in some form of a social life, you’ve convinced yourself you don’t have the time or the energy to expand your coaching business.

You’re stuck “inside the box”

People are constantly telling you that you should just keep focusing on local clients because that’s what professionals in your industry have always done.

You’re afraid to fail

You’ve grown accustomed to running a successful local coaching business, which is why the thought of serving clients online scares the heck out of you.

You’re a “technophobe”

When it comes to technology, you feel like a deer in headlights with no place to go. You know what you want but doing all the behind-the-scenes techie stuff to get there feels overwhelming.

Now that we know where you are, let’s get back to talking about where you want to be. So how about we start off by answering the question from earlier:

Wouldn’t it be awesome to serve way more people than you do now – without the exhaustion of around the clock one-on-one meetings with clients all while burning the midnight oil to get stuff done.

If you just screamed out “Heck Yeah” and pumped your fist in the air then keep reading. Because in just a few minutes you will make a decision that could change the course of your local coaching business FOREVER.

Psssst! Don’t have minutes to waste? Book a Discovery call now.

You see, as an in-demand healer, coach or other type of wellness idol, you’ve been saving lives and relationships, healing hearts and boosting metabolisms in your tiny corner of the world. And while your calendar is booked, your waitlist is long and your bank account is full, you still can’t seem to win when it comes to …

Delivering your genius message online to the millions of people who really need you.

If you’re struggling to deliver your message to the masses, chances are having wisdom worth sharing isn’t the problem – it’s knowing how to share it in the online world. And because I’ve helped countless other superstars flood the internet with their genius, I know you’re going to love it when I do the same for you with my VIP mentoring program …

Create Your Course

Create Your Course is a 90-day virtual accountability program where I teach you everything you need to know about how to build an incredible online course. One that allows you to spread your superpowers and serve the digi-world, all without sacrificing your sanity, missing out on your kids’ soccer games and other memorable family moments or seeing even more one-on-one clients. Here’s a sneak peek inside your next 90 days:

Days 1-30

Will be jam packed with the brainstorming, planning and outlining of your online course. We’ll explore the what of your course – what it will cover, what audience it’s best for, what course platform will you use, what it will look like and much more.


From Day 31-60

We’ll dig deep into the how of the course – how will you deliver the course, how will you market it and attract clients, how will you make money from it and so much more.

From Day 61-90

We’ll whip your online course into launch-ready shape – focusing on execution and sharing your gorgeous online course with the world.

(Whoo hoo!) About 90% of my clients have a completed online course ready to accept new members by the end of our 90 days together. And as long as you follow the steps and do the work, you’re virtually guaranteed to do the same! You see, unlike other programs that teach you what you need to do to create successful online courses, in Create Your Course, I lovingly take you by the virtual hand and walk you through how to make it a reality too. But don’t take my word for it.

Here’s what a few super happy clients have said about the program:

Janet must have a secret superhero cape on because she is a true wonder woman when it comes to program design and implementation. My online program is a reality only because of her knowledge and expertise. She helped me conceptualize the program in the most effective way possible, offering ideas, resources and solutions at every step of the process. She filled in gaps that I had no idea were even there and came up with creative and effective solutions to the inevitable challenges that arose along the way.

– Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin, Psy.D, Psychoanalyst, Author and Speaker,

Janet has a defined process that walks you through everything you need to know about those you serve, how you serve them, and what tools you’ll use to serve them. It’s an awesome process. She also helps take those thoughts, bits and pieces of creations swirling in your head, and turns them into something tangible and unique that you can use with your clients. She’s the real deal!

Sophia Fulkerson

Relationship Coach and Creator of the Relationship Language Healing System

Before speaking with Janet I was nervous, overwhelmed and apprehensive about creating the course. Janet is amazing because she can easily simplify hard-to-understand technologies. As a newbie in launching my online business (4 months young!), I’ve explored various online courses that help with course creation/integration with an existing website. Janet was key in helping me to gain the confidence to scale my business and its launch … not quite there yet as there is a HUGE checklist to consider (Janet was wonderful in going over each and every concern). This is exactly what I needed to help me move my course towards launch! Way to go Janet. In this confusing online world… Janet has been a “technical angel! Thanks, Janet!

Kevin Przystup

Life Consultant

Get highly practical, easy-to-apply course design and implementation guidance from an actual human – not hundreds of hours of video.

Create Your Course is packed full of highly practical, easy-to-apply course design and implementation instructions and technical guidance customized just for you. In this program, you will finally discover things like how to:

Transform that crazy minefield of notes and files you’ve been hoarding into an easily digestible course outline in minutes.
Change lives and deliver value to an online audience just dying to hear from you.
Assign a “feel-good” price to your course so you provide practical value without devaluing your genius.
Win the tech battle simply by choosing tools divinely designed to make you do a “happy dance.”
Conceptualize an online course that will get people excited and racing to fuel your PayPal account.
Effortlessly launch and market your course in a way that feels as if you’re serving instead of selling.

And the best part is, you’ll get a one-day private course planning intensive with me, recordings of our bi-weekly mentoring sessions plus step-by-step tutorials, templates, workbooks and checklists to pull you out of your existing place of confusion and into a confident space where you can create an online course your clients will love. Here’s the deal … Your success or failure in creating and launching an online course hinges on these 3 things:

  1. Your knowledge of the online business world and how buyers make decisions about courses.
  2. Your ability to conceptualize a course that serves your specific audience.
  3. Your willingness to get off your butt and do the work to create and launch your online course.

Now, I got you covered on #1 and #2, but #3 … that’s all on you.

By Now, You’re Probably Wondering, “How Much Is This Gonna Cost Me?”

I’m glad you asked because I’ve been dying to reveal the big surprise … I don’t want you to give me one single red cent today. Instead, I want you to take a deep sigh of relief and stretch forth your fingers to hit the big button below that says “Book My Discovery Call.”

Because on the other side of that button sits the reality of creating and launching an incredible online course that serves the world with your genius.

A word of warning: Hurry! I only schedule a very limited number of spots each month. And once they’re gone, you’ll have to jump on the waitlist and pray space opens up for you. So it’s best to book your complimentary call now.

Break out of your “local box” and change lives.

When we talk, I will do everything I can to make sure you walk away with a clear, actionable plan to flood the online world with your valuable message. By staying in your “local box” and watching everyone else win online, you’re not doing your part to change lives. And I get it: You know you have what it takes to help millions more people, you just don’t know how to go about doing it. That’s why taking this first step is so critical. Because after just one call with me, I’ll eliminate your confusion and put you on the path to creating an online course that allows you to share your genius with more of the people who need you most.

Now, you have to show up and do the work to see results. If you’re looking for a magical fairy dust formula for developing an online course that creates and launches itself, Create Your Course is not for you.  

But if you’re tired of enrolling in online courses and sifting through hundreds of hours of DIY videos where you discover what to do, but not how to do it, this program is absolutely for you.

I should know, I’ve been there done that. After ditching my 6-figure course designer job to start my own business, I dropped thousands on high-profile online business courses that only taught me what to do, not how to do it – leaving me stuck trying to figure it all out on my own. These courses were so terrible that I made it my personal mission to mentor as many brilliant wellness pros as I could in developing quality online courses that would help change the lives of their audiences.

You see, when I finally mastered the how of this online business world, I finally hit six figures – completely replacing my corporate salary. All because I figured out how to attract and serve online clients I adore. And now, I’m here to help you develop an online course that attracts people who make your soul and your bank account smile.

Oh sheesh, I got so excited about transforming your awesomeness into a valuable online course that I nearly forgot to introduce myself … Hi, I’m Janet Kafadar – mom, online course design specialist, get-your-butt-in-gear motivator and founder of Create Your Course.

I take the virtual hands of remarkable health and relationship coaches, private practitioners, healers and other wellness superstars and guide them to their happy place of creating online courses that change lives.

Time to answer a few frequently asked questions …

Check the FAQs below for some of the questions wellness rockstars like you typically ask. If Q’s are still swirling in your head after checking these out, go ahead and book your discovery call and we’ll iron out all the details when we chat.

I didn’t see the price for Create Your Course?
That’s because I don’t want you to worry about the cost today. Instead, I want you to take the very critical first step of booking your free call. Once we talk and find we’re a match made in heaven, I’ll give you all the details on the investment. Pinky promise.
I’m ready to talk to you! What should I do now?
As soon as you click one of the buttons or links on this page, you’ll land on a brief application to complete and submit. Once you do that, myself or my assistant will review and confirm approval of your application and give you a link to schedule the best date and time for your complimentary call. It’s just that easy!
Is Create Your Course right for a newbie wellness pro like me who has no clients?
First off, congratulations on jumping into the wonderful world of entrepreneurship. While I’ll be here cheering you on to profitability, Create Your Course is designed exclusively for established wellness experts who have clients and raving fans, and are already generating revenue.
It’s hard for me to picture what my online course will look like by the end of the mentoring program. Can you give me an example?
What a great question! Because I tailor the 90-day program to meet my clients’ individual needs, the look and feel of your final online course is completely up to you. However, here’s a sneak peek inside Dr. Nina’s course – isn’t it gorgeous?
I’m busy! How will you keep me accountable and on pace for creating my online course?
Most of my clients are crazy busy too, which is why I use CoachAccountable, a coaching platform specifically designed to manage our relationship and keep you on task.  Not familiar with the platform? No worries – I’ll tell you all about it when we chat. Inside Create Your Course, you’ll get my undivided attention, loving guidance (and kicks in the butt as needed☺). And together, we’ll work to turn your desire of, “I want to create an online course” into your achievement of, “I just landed my first online course client.” (Of course, with all the squeals and screams that come along with achieving such a big goal!)