“It’s rare to find someone who has knowledge across the whole online marketing spectrum. Janet is that rare bird that does! I had programs but with Janet’s help I was able to dramatically improve them. Janet showed me how to organize my knowledge and thoughts and create a quality online program. I also leant how to structure and best deliver my program in a way that provided students with a rich learning experience. I honestly believe that after working with Janet I was able to deliver my best work to date. This is because I now had a clear framework to get my knowledge out there. Janet’s expertise also lead me to invite her to be a Community Success Coach for several of my programs. She is a pure delight to work with and delivers every time. As a super coach, online marketer and powerful program designer – get ready to uplevel fast if you’re lucky enough to work with Janet!”

Jane Copeland, Online Business Strategist and Founder of 6 Figure Funnels

“In 30 mins flat she managed to dissect one of my programs & show me how to rebuild it in a far more effective way”

What I love about Janet is that she actually IS an authority on creating effective learning programs. In today’s sketchy world of so called ‘experts’ it is refreshing to find someone who has actually spent time in the trenches designing and creating learning and training programs in a corporate environment. For me personally that type of authority speaks volumes.

Janet now brings that wealth of experience and knowledge to the entrepreneur market and is helping people all over the world to realise their dream of launching an online program (that actually gets results!) …. without all the huffing and puffing !

If you are serious about your online strategy then get on a call with Janet quick smart. In 30 mins flat she managed to dissect one of my programs & show me how to rebuild it in a far more effective way … not to mention the nicer learning experience from the learners point of view.

Barbara Turley

Entrepreneur, Investor & Founder, Virtual Angel Hub and Energise Wealth

Janet is nothing short of a course creation genius. There are so many courses available online and yet many that are bought don’t get used or completed, making it difficult to get great testimonials and validate your product. Largely, it’s down to design. Janet has a special knack of simplifying even the most complex of concepts and breaking them down into learning journeys that are truly accessible. If you want to create a course that works, that’s easy for your clients to complete AND create epic transformation, you need Janet in your corner – no question. Hattie Brazeley

“There are a lot of little details that come up in producing a course to our standard and Janet made it easy for our instructor to produce a great product.”

Working with Janet on building one of our latest courses, was a pleasure. She stepped up and took control of the project and through her leadership, she elegantly educated the author through the process of creating the course. There are a lot of little details that come up in producing a course to our standard and Janet made it easy for our instructor to produce a great product. I would hire her again and if you need help in producing your courses, reach out to Janet. She’s warm, welcoming, and a total professional.

Bradley Will

Founder of LearnToBlog.com

Janet has a defined process that walks you through everything you need to know who you serve, how you serve them, and what tools you’ll use to serve them. It’s an awesome process and she helps turn those thoughts swirling in your head and bits and pieces of creations and turn them into something tangible that you can use with your clients, from the stage, in all kinds of ways. She’s the real deal! Sophia Fulkerson

Relationship Coach, Creator of the Relationship Language Healing System

Janet must have a secret superhero cape on because she is a true wonder woman when it comes to program design and implementation. My online program is a reality only because of her knowledge and expertise. She helped me conceptualize the program in the most effective way possible, offering ideas, resources and solutions at every step of the process. She filled in gaps that I had no idea were there and came up with creative and effective solutions to the inevitable challenges that arose along the way. I highly recommend Janet to anyone who needs help with an online program. She’s amazing!! -Dr. Nina, Winthedietwar.com

“Janet opened up my mind to a much easier path and direction”

Before working with Janet I was feeling stuck on my course creation. I had done some market research but something was preventing me from creating the course. Janet was able to turn my overwhelm around. After 30mins of sharing my idea and challenges, Janet opened up my mind to a much easier path and direction. What a God send she was! I feel that I have a better vision and belief in my ideas. I can now move forward and proudly create my course thanks to Janet! What I love about Janet is that she really took the time to listen. She listened well enough to know my strengths and weaknesses and from there she gave her genuine and honest feedback. If you are hesitating, don’t! She is so friendly and genuinely wants to help.

Tina Bangel

Creator of One Voice

“The whole experience was painless and super fast”

Before working with Janet, I was frustrated because I knew what I wanted to do and I’d spent time and money trying to work out how to build my course ….. I was wasting, instead of actually creating the content and getting it out to the people who most need it. Janet simplified the whole process and took on all of the stuff that just didn’t light me up. All I had to do was create my content, she did the rest. She gave me a list of things I needed to provide her and away she went, checking in at various stages. The whole experience was painless and super fast, at one point I was worried I wouldn’t keep up with making my content but she talked me through the simple editing process of the course so now I can just add and delete bits as I need! So grateful.

Ari Powell

Empowerment Coach

Creating an online version of the course I teach in person is something that’s been on the top of my mind for quite some time. Prior to talking to Janet, I just wasn’t sure when and how to begin that whole process. Janet was very encouraging and offered lots of useful advice for getting started.  After talking to her, I feel excited and ready to get things moving.  If you need to get clear on your course idea and to get an action plan towards making it happen, Janet is a wonderful resource! Sonali Pundalik

Digital Strategy Consultant, Splendid Circle

“I love the look of my updated slides – it fits perfectly with my new branding.”

Instagram to Income is a great program, but I needed slides to make the presentation more professional. I love the look of my updated slides – it fits perfectly with my new branding. What Janet has created for me is just beautiful.

Tiphani Montgomery

Author, Creator of Instagram to Income