I recently received a question from a member of my community and the question was ….

“If I develop a course, what is the best way to deliver it – as a subscription based product or a once off fee? What type of courses work best for either case?”

It’s a juicy one.

Watch the video below to check out my answer.

In a nutshell, here’s what I discussed:

What works well for a subscription based model? 

  • If you are creating a subscription-based model, i.e. a membership where someone has to pay a fee each month, let’s say it’s going to be $50 a month. It’s more than likely that a membership model is for building a community: creating a space where people can get motivation and inspiration from one another

What you can do within a subscription based model?

  • Within that model, maybe there’ll be opportunities for you to provide workshops, Q&A calls and special trainings for members. But also having a community such as a Facebook group or a forum where member can ask questions, motivate, and inspire each other to rise to greater heights is really important too.

An example of membership type structures. 

  • The guys at Fizzle.co have a membership structure. They off courses within a membership platform, and I think they charge $30 or $35 each month for members to have access to that along with a forum. That’s on an ongoing basis and they have thousands of people within that platform.

When does the one off payment model work best?

  • A one off payment model works really well when there’s a focused and desired outcome at the end. Let’s say, for example, if the program is about Facebook ads, you’re learning about: how to create them, what you need to do, the targeting, and all that kind of stuff. That’s when you want to have a one off fee. Within that one off fee, there may be payment plan options, but that’s actually different to having a subscription on an ongoing basis.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts. Share in the comments below about what you think is a good choice for an online program.