Raising Babies With Allergies

‘I’ve launched my eCourse and tripled my goal’
Prior to working with Janet, I had no idea how to put my vision of my course into an actual platform that would be userfriendly for subscribers and myself. 

Janet helped identify the course platforms that I needed that would be most appropriate for my content and budget. She also knew I was technically ‘very challenged’ and made sure to suggest a platform that would suit my needs in the long-term. Janet basically took all the guess work out which allowed me to get on with what I do best and that was content development. 

As a result Ive launched my eCourse with some great results and tripled my goal and enrolled 30 people into my course.

You must use Janet and nobody else. Seriously nobody else. Janet made the whole experience of launching an eCourse easy. There were no stresses or issues. It was a fabulous partnership. I also love her attention to detail, her constant drive to achieve the best, her fabulous recommendations and her priceless ‘counselling’ sessions when I would occasionally freak out! She’s so positive and her advice so on point. Love her!

Sharon Selby

Health Coach Creator of Raising Babies with Allergies

The 30 Day Dinner Table Project

Membership Site Design & Build

“Prior to working with Janet pulling everything out of our heads and putting it in any particular order and knowing where to start and creating a work flow for the course content from start to finish was our biggest issue.

 Janet picked out brains, got into our heads and helped us and gave us a strategy for mapping everything out.
Once we had that she helped us fine tune the course content.

If it wasn’t for Janet our course would have fallen over before it begun. She took it from the to hard basket and allowed it to flow seamlessly – now we’re ready to launch our course and couldn’t be anymore excited”




Kristy & Matt

Creators of the 30 Day Dinner Table Project

21days to In(her) Awakening online course

Course Consulting

Problem:  Prior to working with me Katie’s biggest struggle was creating the content for the course and she doubted her ability to build it or even know where to begin.

After overcoming her battles with perfectionism Katie now has a course she is proud of 21 Days in In(her) Awakening.

“Janet was so good a helping me through the course creation process and guided me step by step through the process until I got it completed”


Katie Kozlowski

Healer and Intuitive Scientist of the Heart and Soul

The Happy Body Club

Prior to working with Janet I had no clue where to start to build out my membership site for The Happy Body Club it was SO overwhelming.
Janet helped me pull together all the components of the membership site with all the different bits of software I needed.

If you need someone to help you with the build out and set up of your membership site or online course Janet is your girl! 

She has a very clear and systematised way of working through to process of getting your course set up, so that from the moment you sign up you feel at ease and know that she is taking care of everything!


Sonja Gardiner

Creator of The Happy Body Club

Magnify your message

Membership Site Design & Build for Online Course

Problem: “I had ‘create membership site’ on my list for at least 12 months and it kept getting put on the back burner. Due to client work I never got around to doing it.

Janet had everything laid out beautifully in Trello for me to simply place my content, images and branding colours. She made the process so simple and I knew it was in good hands once she started the work. It was a ‘duh’ why didn’t you do that months ago feeling.

Just do it! Stay in your zone of genius and let others work in their genius zone. Janet was so professional, communication was top notch and my finished product is absolutely beautiful. Not only do I love it, but all my clients comment on how gorgeous the site is and so easy to navigate. I highly recommend Janet and her team to anyone.”






Christine Robinson

Book Coach at Passion Publish Profit

Six Weeks to Confidence & Courage Online Course

Membership Site Design & Build

“The whole experience was painless and super fast”

Before working with Janet, I was frustrated because I knew what I wanted to do and I’d spent time and money trying to work out how to build my course ….. I was wasting, instead of actually creating the content and getting it out to the people who most need it. Janet simplified the whole process and took on all of the stuff that just didn’t light me up.

All I had to do was create my content, she did the rest. She gave me a list of things I needed to provide her and away she went, checking in at various stages. The whole experience was painless and super fast, at one point I was worried I wouldn’t keep up with making my content but she talked me through the simple editing process of the course so now I can just add and delete bits as I need! So grateful”


Ari Powell

Empowerment Coach

Kick The Diet Habit – A 30 day solution

Course Development

Problem: Prior to working with me Dr. Nina was clear on the course she wanted to create and the course was born from questions from her patients in her private practice and questions for her community on her YouTube Channel.

Dr. Nina had part of the content created, but didn’t know what to do to it to make it come together.

In the end, we created a solid course that is now serving more people than Dr.Nina could see in her private practice along with a free offer that ties directly to the course.

Dr. Nina

Psychoanalyst at Winthedietwar.com

Don’t get stuck on overwhelm city waiting for the perfect time to create your course.

Let’s make it happen like, yesterday!