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I’m Janet, an E-Learning Consultant & Online Course Developer i help tiny business owners  who have been sitting on their course idea – clueless about HOW to untangle their talents and push their virtual “baby” into the world.

I firmly guide them through the creative process of course creation and take them – from idea to launch ready – so all that’s left to do is bless it with a name and announce its glorious birth across the internet.

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How to Merge PDF Files with

How to Merge PDF Files with

Have you ever wondered how to merge pdf files together into one single document? Well, in this quick tutorial, I'm going to show you how to do just that using the amazing free tool called Small PDF. You may be thinking, Why is this important? If you're creating...

Janet must have a secret superhero cape on because she is a true wonder woman when it comes to program design and implementation. My online program is a reality only because of her knowledge and expertise. She helped me conceptualize the program in the most effective way possible, offering ideas, resources and solutions at every step of the process. She filled in gaps that I had no idea were there and came up with creative and effective solutions to the inevitable challenges that arose along the way. I highly recommend Janet to anyone who needs help with an online program. She’s amazing!!

-Dr. Nina,