outline 1-2-3


Get Your content in the right order

Without your fingers freezing over the keyboard,
second guessing yourself, or
staring at that blinking cursor of death waiting for inspiration to strike.

I know you've done at least one of these things this year

  • You've sat down at your computer more times than you can remember to write your course and your fingers freeze over the keyboard and you think 'WTH do I write', you try and try, but nothing happens. So you head to Facebook to drown your sorrows
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    You sit down at your computer and find yourself writing away only to realise that you've written a new best selling novel - not a course outline like you'd hoped. Now you need to go back and edit the damn this. Great!
  • You have you course idea just waiting to be released, you've written and re-written your course outline, but you second guess every-single-thing and think 'should this be the title, is this in the right order, how many modules should it be'  
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    Maybe you're even an uber creative thinker and getting down in the detail and the weeds of creating your course just stifles you and feel like you're trapping your idea in a box

URGH - it's all too hard, but you know deep down in your toes you need to create this.

That's when procrastination and procrasta-learning is at it's ripest.

I hear you, and I see you.

The good thing is that it doesn't need to be like that

What if you could: 
get your course idea out of your head on digi paper
so you can feel confident about your BIG beautiful course that's waiting to be birthed.

Huh, wouldn't that feel fabulous?

Your course idea has been burning a whole in your brain for long enough now.

What if you created a new reality together.......

You'know, the kind where you ACTUALLY create your course outline and get planning.

Imagine sitting at your computer effortlessly writing, planning your course while your finger fly over the keyboard and you head bobs like a piaonist.

Imagine the relief you will feel when your course if beautifully laid out and you've smoothed out all the edges, details nooks and grannies like a well iron table cloth

Imagine no longer second guessing yourself, knowing deep down that this  is the course you were destined to create to propel your business or your side hustle forward.

Imagine you check your phone and you have a wonderful notification from your friends over at PayPal to saying that you've received another new payment. Whaaaat?

Wait hold up,

This deserves a second to breath this in.


The 7 step mini course to help you outline, structure and organise your online course without wasting another weekend waiting for inspiration to strike 

In this mini course you'll discover:


a clear 7 step process

To define and clarify who your course is for, without overthinking it or getting trapped in having the 


how to get your content in the right order

Using the WOW formula which will lift the veil on where you've been stuck once and for all 


How to write a juicy course description that sells

This process will show you how to articulate what your course is about who it's for with confidence - without biting your lip or waiting for the ground to swallow you because you don't know how to tell people about your course 


How to structure your lessons without waffling

So you can plan you each lesson with ease without worrying about what to say or what to include/exclude.


How to visually map your course

Using my favourite online tool, without worry about 'how many modules' your course should be or having to print a heap of worksheets.

The beautiful thing is that, Outline 1-2-3 will help you outline, structure and organise your online course idea with ease.

This is the foundation to creating your course, without these foundations in place -
you'll be lost.

PLUS with everything mapped out and outlined you could even sell your course before it's ready.

Uh huh, yes you can.

In this small but mighty mini course you'll get:

The Outline 1-2-3 fillable workbook

 so you can complete the steps to outline your course without the struggle of having to print anything off.

Mini walk-through videos

 for all 7 steps of the framework all under 15 mins long so you can watch while your kids are at sports practice and implement after they've gone to bed.

Templates Galore

  • Outline, lesson and course description templates and boards so can literally lift your idea and paint it into the templates.

Private Facebook Group

  • Access to The Implementers Huddle FB group where you can ask  get support and accountability  to create your course. No ghosting from me - I'll be here to hold your hand.

Don't let your course be just another idea!

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