No more twiddling your thumbs and having to build a massive email list

Oh, Hell No!

This is the fastest way to get the idea that's been on your to do list
into something without figuring out ALL.THE.TECH.

A simple solution to help you turn your outline into cash.

$67 this is a steal

The thing is, your course idea has been burning a hole in your brain for long enough now....

  • 1
    Imagine sitting at your computer effortlessly writing, planning your course while your finger fly over the keyboard and your head bobs like a pianist.
  • 2
    Imagine the relief you will feel when your course is beautifully laid out and you've smoothed out all the edges like a well ironed table cloth.
  • 3
    Imagine no longer second guessing yourself, knowing deep down in your toes that this  is the course you were destined to create to propel your business or your side hustle forward.
  • 4
    imagine EFFORTLESSLY SELLING YOUR COURSE  with ease even if you have a non-existent form of an email list. 


I love how simple and to the point this course is, no long-winded unnecessary fluff or filler activities. It kept me focused and doing the work that actually needs to be done to get my course and classes outlined and organized.....

Jenny Mahan Pine Creek Wellness

This is the juiciness we'll cover:

  • COURSE IDEA CLARITY - Time to get clear on your course idea, so that you don't overwhelm yourself and your students using the Power of 1 Process
  • GET YOUR CONTENT IN THE RIGHT ORDER - Using the WOW Formula you will lift the veil on where you've been stuck once and for all
  • JUICY COURSE DESCRIPTIONS THAT SELL - This process will show you how to articulate what your course is about, without subtly mumbling under your breath.
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    NAIL YOUR LESSONS WITHOUT WAFFLING - So you can plan you each lesson with ease without worrying about what to say or what to include/exclude.
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    VISUALLY MAP YOUR COURSE -  Without worry about 'how many modules' your course should be or having to print a heap of worksheets - you'll get access to my FAV online tool to do this.
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    EMAILS THAT SELL - Email Templates galore to help you make your first 5 sales and beyond - it's easier than you think!

You'll Get.....

The Outline 1-2-3 workbook

 so you can complete the steps to outline your course without the struggle of having to print anything off.

8 video lessons

each under 15 mins, so you can watch while your kids are at sports practice and implement after they've gone to bed.

Templates Galore

  • 3 course creation templates including: outline, lesson and course description templates so can literally lift your idea and paint it into the templates.

Your First 5 Sales Execution Guide

  • My cash pumping email to effortlessly sell your course so you know exactly how to enroll your people into your new course with ease without feeling like you needs to do ALL.THE.THINGS.

Don't let your course be just another idea!

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