Have you ever wondered how to merge pdf files together into one single document?

Well, in this quick tutorial, I’m going to show you how to do just that using the amazing free tool called Small PDF. You may be thinking,

Why is this important?

Have you ever wondered how to merge pdf files together into one single document? Well, in this post, I'm going to show you how to do just that, plus you can download the free process map that comes with it. >> http://www.janetkafadar.com/how-to-merge-pdf-files-with-smallpdf-com

If you’re creating workbooks, checklists or eBooks as part of your course material you may want to merge files together to make it easier for your students.

Small PDF is amazing for compressing a PDF file, turning words into PDF, vise versa, merging, splitting, rotating. Listen, it does the works and the whole sha-bang. I think this is a really brilliant tool for anyone to use.

If you click on the “Merge PDF” tab…


it will take you to here:


Now I’ve already uploaded the 2 files that I want to merge together and as you can see, you can either have it as file view (above) or as page view (below).


I want these files, with the planners, to be moved to the end. Now as you can see, these are all the files here that relate to the opt-in, so I’m going to merge them together.


That’s it, now we’ll wait for it to do that. It doesn’t take very long. You can merge this document into one single file.


Once you click on ‘download file now’, then you download it and this is what the file looks like. Now I have 12 files, or 12 pages all merged together, as you can see, da-data-la-tada.


All put together beautifully. No real drama’s and it includes the planner, which is landscape by the way, inside there as well, and it’s all done and dusted. Simple, so easy, such a great tool.

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