Focus on your launch & stay in your whirlpool of genius, while we create your Membership Site  Olivia Pope style!

I'm going to give it to you straight girlfriend:

You’ve waited long enough to create your course. 
Long, enough.
Your course means the world to you - it's your life's work, damn it! 

You know deep down in your toes that this 
course is going to make a MASSIVE impact.

But right now, the only impact it's having, is on your sanity, 
to get the damn course created.

You want guilt free time away from your work and 
not have to wake up at 4am to fit in few hours work before your kids wake up

Here's the truth... Ready?
You’ve procrastinated on it
You’ve read endless blog posts about ‘this platform vs that’ 
and you’re still not sure what you want or need

You’ve mapped out or even created the content for your gorgeous course 
and it’s almost ready to go.

But, every time you decide to get started, a lonely bead of 
sweat breaks out on your brow and becomes all too much.


You head to Facebook to drown your tech’ache struggles, until the 
next time you muster the energy to connect all the 
fiddly little tech pieces together 

Truth is. 

You just want the freaking thing done already.
This tech stuff ain't your jam!

Can I get an AMEN!
You're a Teacher
A Strategist
A Creator and a gorgeous big picture thinker!

It's time to stop swearing at your computer and

I'm going to make things extremely easy for you and remove 
all the worries regarding the tech side of creating your online course 

Introducing ........


Where we create a customised membership site to host your course content, 
intergrate your tools and get everything working like a well oiled machine.

So you can focus on your launch and listen to the sweet sounds of 
PayPal notifications pinging on your phone

Oh Yeah!
I've got your back, and I've thought of everything you need......

Here's what you get in this gorgeous package of yumminess!
connect your course package
  • Membership Portal set up on Clickfunnels platform
  • Pages Include:
  • X1 Check Out Page
    (to collect Payment)
  • X1 Custom Members Log in page  
    (so members can login)
  • X1 Custom Members Area w/ logo and branding colours
     (the place where your course content will be housed)
  • Set up of all Payment & email integrations
  • Upload of content videos, audios, worksheets & transcripts to members area up to 6 modules** -
     Give me your course content and i’ll upload it
  • Schedule drip feed of course content in members area
  • Scheduling of course emails inside Clickfunnels
  • 30 min Wrap up 1:1 training session once finished on your completed membership site along with video tutorials .  (so you know exactly what to do)
  • Upload of content to your video hosting site & upload of compressed PDF files to website
In 30 days from now you can have something like this

Here's the deal:

you can go and hire an underwhelming 
freelancer on Upwork or Elance


you can hire my Online Course Design team and I who can do this stuff in our sleep.

Um, I know who I would choose!
This package serves up everything you need to make your course a reality on a silver platter.
Put it this way…..

In less than 30 Days from now you’ll have a living breathing pulsating
 course that’s been laying dormat.

It’s time to make this happen, don’t ya think?
Here's what will happen:
Step 1:
Click the link below to pay the investment and secure your booking in the calendar

Step 2: 
We'll get you all set and send across your Trello board where you'll share the details of your online course and your requirements so we can get to work.

Step 3: 
We'll create a first draft and send it over to your to review.
Step 4:
Phase 2 of the project will commence and we'll start uploading your content and integrating everything.

Step 5: 
Tada! Your shiny new Membership site is complete

Step 6: 
We'll meet for a 30 min wrap up call where I will show you how to use your new site and make changes if you need to (you'll receive a recording of the session)
So what's it going to be?

Ready to finally get your course created?

I feel that I have a better vision and belief in my ideas. 
........After 30mins of sharing my idea and challenges, Janet opened up my mind to a much easier path and direction. 

What a God send she was! I feel that I have a better vision and belief in my ideas. I can now move forward and proudly create my course thanks to Janet! 

What I love about Janet is that she really took the time to listen. She listened well enough to know my strengths and weaknesses and from there she gave her genuine and honest feedback. If you are hesitating, don’t! She is so friendly and genuinely wants to help.

- Tina Bangel  Creator of One Voice
I've delivered my best work to date 
.....I had programs but with Janet’s help I was able to dramatically improve them. Janet showed me how to organize my knowledge and thoughts and create a quality online program. 

I also learnt how to structure and best deliver my program in a way that provided students with a rich learning experience. 

I honestly believe that after working with Janet I was able to deliver my best work to date. This is because I now had a clear framework to get my knowledge out there.....

As a super coach, online marketer and powerful program designer – get ready to uplevel fast if you’re lucky enough to work with Janet!

- Jane Copeland Founder of 6 Figure Funnels
If you are serious about your online strategy then get on a call with Janet quick smart. 

In 30 mins flat she managed to dissect one of my programs & show me how to rebuild it in a far more effective way … not to mention the nicer learning experience from the learners point of view.”

- Barbara Turley  Entrepreneur, Investor & Founder, Virtual Angel Hub and Energise Wealth
Online Course Design Specialist
Who am I, and why should you care?
Well, i'll tell ya....

I'm an online course design specialist and self confessed geek when it comes to creating courses and making all the tools sing together.

I take the virtual hands of coaches, speakers and authors and guide them to their happy place of creating online courses that change lives.

I help my clients unlock their genius, put it down on digital papers and sell it across the interwebs and grow their businesses.
Got Questions? These answers might help
Which platform do you build the membership site on?
We exclusively build our membership sites on the platform, so if you have a platform you want to use that's not Click Funnels unfortunately we can't put your membership site together for you.
I don't have all of my course content ready. Does this matter?
No this doesn't matter. We will set up and upload whatever content you have available at the moment to the members area and I will show you how to upload content & make edits once the site has been set up.
I haven't written all the emails for my course yet. Does this matter?
If you have all the emails written for your course then Brilliant, we will set this up for you in your email marketing software.

If not, don't worry. I'll show you how to set up the emails and what you need to do and where to upload.
I have more than 6 modules to my course? Can you still create it?
If you have more than 6 modules drop me an email on janet (at) janetkfadar (dot) com, before purchasing so you can tell me a little more about your course.
Do you set up all the techy payment integration stuff?
We sure do, we'll get you all connected and test the sign up process before handing the site over to you.
How long will the process take?
We know what it means to you to get your work published and out into the world. My team and I work fast, so get prepared to have your membership site polished, completed and ready for final viewing within 30days.
What pages do you create?
We create the checkout page, Members login page, and Membership are upto 6 modules.
It's time to make it happen!

If you have Q's drop me an email janet (at) and 
we can schedule at time to have a quick pow wow!

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