Everyone loves a Buzzfeed quiz, right? What is it about quizzes they’re just too hard to resist.

I suppose it’s the fact that people like gaining a little more insight about them self. I don’t know about you, but when someone or something can shed a little or insight and provide an a’ha moment i’m always blown away.

Most of the time when I take quizzes they’re pretty spot on and I think….

How did they know that? (huh, so clever)

Interact Quiz Demo Tutorial

Let me give you a peek behind the curtains for a second

So, here’s a challenge I faced in my business that I was trying to overcome and it’s likely you’ll find yourself in the same place at some stage – so stick with me.

Over the years, I’ve developed what feels like a landslide of freebies opt ins, guides, cheat sheets to grow my email list and YES, they’ve definitely helped to gain subscribers but they never really provided me with great insight about what that person is really struggling with and how I can help them.

I have 4 different personas or ideal clients that I serve who are different stages of their course creation journey, that all require different resources to help them move forward.

I’m slowly phasing out one of my freebies, which you may have seen called The Course Creation Checklist. Now, as much as this checklist is the bee-knees if I say so myself,  it’s overwhelming.  I’ve figured out from working with my clients that I have to give them just 2 action steps to move forward. Less is more.

If I give them more than 2 things to do at the end of our coaching call then the line goes dead and I realise that i’ve spoken to them in a language they don’t understand.
Hello Overwhelm!

Build Your List with Quizzes

I’ve heard great things about using quizzes in your business as a rapid list build strategy and honestly, the thought of coming up with all the questions and answers and all that jazz was too much for me to handle and always thought….

“I’ll do that ….Someday”

Anyway, it’s like tryInteract.com where reading my mind and they asked me to review their tool and take it for a test drive – magic!

OMG….. I was blown away. Check out my video below where you hear me nerding out on how cool this tool is.

Remember the problem I was telling you about where, I was worried I was going to have to create a quiz from scratch and come up will aaaaaalllll the questions.

Well, Interact sorted all those problems for me.

Don’t want to watch the video. No problem.
Here’s the Free Course Journey Quiz  I created to help you figure out exactly what you need to do to move forward and create your course.
Take the quiz and leave me a comment below to let me know where you are in your Course Creation Journey. I’d love to know.


I may do another post to report back on my findings and let you know how effective it is.  But so far, the feedback i’ve had has been great.
Overall, I think Interact is an awesome tool and I highly recommend it.

The quiz building component is spot on – tick. But, depending on what email marketing software you’re using – you’ll have to be prepared to do a fair bit of back end set up.  I use Active Campaign and essentially I had to step up 4 different automations which I hadn’t really accounted for. So this took the longest part for me to figure out.

You can get a Free 7 Day Trail trail and create a free account here Tryinteract.com

Let me know in the comments below whether you’ve created a quiz or whether you’re thinking of creating one.