Are you looking for how to hire a online course expert or someone to help you with one aspect of your course – then this is the post for you. Here’s the deal, you can hire a complete army of course creation specialists all willing to take your money and if you’re not 100% clear on what you need, it’s not gonna come together as you think. You’ll get disappointed, cry in your tea that you’ve made no sales and want to blame it in the specialist that helped you.

No, no, no my friend – that’s no bueno, or nije dobro (if you’re Croatian – I’m learning Croatian at the moment). So I thought I should take the time to write a detailed post to really outline who you can hire to help you create your course and why. The best way for me to do this is to outline them in 3 different scenarios.

I’ve also listed my preferred providers that can help as well. These providers are people I’ve used before or I have referred my clients to them. They’re the real deal and I trust them with my clients e-babies if it’s not an area of expertise I can cover. 

Here are the 3 scenarios I’ll be covering:

#1 “I have the idea for my course –but I don’t know where to start

#2 “I’m not techy, I don’t want to spend time learning ALL the tech”

#3 “How should I launch my course?”

In the video below I run through the 6 potential people you need to help you with you course. No, you don’t need to hire all of them – but you’ll be able to make an informed decision based on where you are in the course creation process. If you want to figure out where you are on your course journey click here and take the 60 second course journey quiz



SCENARIO #1 “I have the idea for my course – but I don’t know where to start?”

Oh my goodness, the struggle is real and I 100% understand. It can be tough as hell to a lot the dedicated time to sit down, get clear and get it done. Other projects can take priority, general day-to–day running of your business, seeing clients, client delivery, writing and sending proposals. It’s endless – I get it.

The whole reason you want to create a course is so that you can get out of this exact cycle. Urgh. Anyway I’m here to help you with that. Are you struggling in any of these areas?

  • Getting clarity around your course idea
  • Figuring out how many modules your course should be
  • How you’re going to deliver it
  • What tech tools you should use and WHY
  • Just, getting started 

If you’re struggling in any of the areas I mentioned above, this is where I can help you unpack your course idea and bring your vision to life. Go ahead and book in a free Bring Your Course Idea session in the calendar by clicking the button below to see how I can support you on a 1:1 mentoring capacity to create your course.



But if you’re searching online you may want to type in these search terms: 
“online learning specialist, online course specialist, instructional designer, how to hire a online course expert, course experts or anything along those lines”. They all kinda, come under the umbrella of a ‘Learning Specialist’ (see infographic at the bottom of this post).

Each persons skills can really vary – and you’ll really need to deep dive into their area of expertise but this is a gist of what they can help you with. The role of this person is to help you get the bones and structure in order for your course, coach you through the course creation process, or help you figure out the best way to deliver your course. 

If they’re anything like yours truly they will also be there to provide you with additional support and accountability and help you figure out the right tools to use. My clients call me the Course Midwife and I help my clients with all aspects of the course content not the marketing or launching side of things, just the content. My job is to help my clients untangle their talents and course idea. Here’s how i’ve been able to help my clients with their courses.

Prerequisite: If you’re struggling with what your course idea should be, then maybe it’s not the right time to create one, and that’s ok. If you’re thinking of creating a big course with lots of modules, videos and all that jazz and you’re looking to sell it at a price point of over $1k then the course idea should come from: 

  • A challenge you have overcome or figured out how to do
  • Provided a result or transformation for you or your clients
  • Work you have delivered in person i.e a workshop or training session
  • Comes directly from your expertise research or findings and you can do with your eyes closed

If your idea doesn’t come from any of these 4 areas then a course isn’t what you need to create right now. This gem of a post deep dives into this and outlines what to do if you’re stuck in this place.


Are you looking to hire a online course expert or someone to help you with one aspect of your course? Then this is the post for you. Find out exact who you should hire - and when! #coursecreation #onlinecourse #createacourse #hireava

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SCENARIO #2 “I’m not techy, I don’t want to spend time learning ALL the tech”

Prerequisite: You must be really clear on your online course idea.

One of the most common things I hear is…. ‘I’m not techy’. The funny thing is … when I started this business 4 years ago. Yeah, you had to be a tech nerd and find a way to string multiple tools and apps together. But now that the barrier to entry is SO much lower especially with the entry of tools like Thinkific, CourseCraft helping first time course creators get their ideas off the ground, it is SO much easier.

If you’re wondering which online course platform to choose, I reviewed and compared 7 Plug & Play Online Course Hosting Platforms here.

The thing is, you don’t have to hire 100 Fiverr tech dudes to get your course off the ground.

If you are struggling with the tech stuff, they come at different levels of tech skills depending on what you need, and sometimes there may be a crossover as you figure out how to hire a online course expert. You may find a designer that can also develop sites as well #winning.

If you want someone to: 

  • Help set up your online course platform
  • You want to use a WordPress Plugin or theme and need help with the setup and design

Then you need to hire the 2nd person from the list below (see infographic) a ‘Developer/Designer’.

Before you get a developer or designer involved in your process you have to be really clear on what course course content is and what you want as I mentioned before – do you research into what you want.

Here are my preferred providers that I 100% trust with my clients e-babies:

WordPress quick fixes

Membership/Online Course Site Build

Website & Sales Page Designer

SCENARIO #3 “How should I launch my course?”

If you have all of your course content and tech stuff and you’ve run your course once before, now is the time to invest in your marketing to reach more people. Now is the time to choose any of the people from 3 – 6 from the infographic below to help you with your course.

Prerequisite: My best advice to you is DO NOT hire a marketing person of any kind until you’ve done these things:

  • You have run a beta version of your course
  • You have gotten results or a transformation for your clients who have been through your course/ product/ workshop or coaching program.

I’ve made this mistake in the past, thinking that hiring a copywriter or Facebook ad specialist will be my magic ticket to selling out my course and it didn’t work.

This had nothing to do with them and everything to do with me. The message and positioning for some of my offers were a little off – which meant the product didn’t get any cut through when I ran ads or when people saw the sale page.

Here are my recommended providers:

Launch Strategy:

Virtual Assistant:


FB Ad Consultant:

Facebook Ad Resources & Courses:

Claire PellsAbsolute FB Ads

Launch Strategy Resources & Courses:


The thing to remember is, you need to find out where you’re stuck and hire the right people to help you move forward.

My philosophy is, if you’re a first time course creator and you’re creating a course for the first time, tyr and DIY as much as you can and hire someone to help fill in the gaps. The beauty is, if you’re clear on the course content and the course itself the marketing easily falls into place with ease. 


Beta test your idea, run it with a small intimate group first – gather the reactions and feedback – then iterate and update the content from there. Don’t jump feet first hiring everyone if you haven’t tested your idea yet. Bad move girlfriend, unless you’ve got money to burn.

Make your goal just 1 sale. 
Then once it’s released you can tweak the message, course name or sales emails etc from there and make it better. 

I’d love to know if this post has helped you figure how to hire a online course expert and which specialist may be right for your. Leave me a comment below if it has.


How to hire a online course expert