Tell me if this sounds familiar:

Your mind is swimming with several ideas for your online course – You know that you’re ready to create your online course, but don’t know where to start or even create an outline.

You have too much content and generally feel overwhelmed by what you have to do. So, you procrastinate and put it on the back-burner until you muster the energy to tackle it again in a few weeks.

Am I right? I’m going to give it to you straight …..Your clients are waiting for you to solve their problems and honestly you’re doing them a disservice by not getting your message to them. You know that it’s time to create your online course, but something is stopping you and holding you back and more than likely that you need some clarity.

Having worked with some of the leading coaches, trainers and digital entrepreneurs creating online course and coaching programs I know that this is all too common and I want to offer you a gift.

A FREE 90-Day Course Creation Planning Session

On our 45 mins call I’ll take you by the hand and we’ll:

1.) Discover what’s stopping you from creating your online course

2.) Create a clear plan to create your course and deliver it to the masses in the next 90 days

3. ) Tap into your desires and goals for the next 12months, plus we’ll uncover

4.) The one simple step you can take immediately to get into action

You’ll leave the session INSPIRED about how to create an impactful online course and take action. Together we’ll find out if we’re a good match to work together and if you qualify for 1:1 coaching with me.

Private 1:1 Coaching with me would be a good fit for you if:
You’re a Wellness Professional: Private Practitioner, Healer, Health or life coach or entrepreneur who has a full time business and has a big message to share
You have invested in a number of information products to help you create your online course, but are still struggling to create your online
You’re willing to invest the time, energy and financial resources to create an impactful online course that helps as many people as possible
You know that NOW is the time to create your online course and seek the support and guidance you need from an expert
Private 1:1 Coaching with me would NOT be a good fit for you if:
Do not have a business yet and making zero money
You have not yet left your 9-5 day job to follow your dreams as a full-time entrepreneur
Do not have access to financial resources to invest in your personal growth and business success
You’re still deciding when is the best time to create your online course, and would rather wait a few months
You’re seeking free strategies and advice but not willing to take action

I’m very selective with whom I work with and there are a number of things I consider. One very important factor being that there must be a level of commitment from the client that you’re going to create your online course no matter what and that NOW is the right time to do so to create the level of success you want.

Next Steps:

Complete the application by clicking the button below.

In our private and confidential phone conversation, we’ll uncover what is holding you back from creating the online course and create a plan to create your online course in the next 90 days what your next best steps are to move you forward and whether you qualify for my 1:1 mentoring program as a potential client.

The Free 90day course creation planning sessions are on a limited time basis and reserved only for women who are seriously considering working with me.

From Overwhelmed to Clarity. Prior to working with Janet, I was feeling overwhelmed – I wasn’t sure how I would come up with enough content to lead such a long program Niyc Pidgeon

Positivity Psychologist Creator of Guru Girl Entrepreneur

Before speaking with Janet I was nervous, overwhelmed and apprehensive about creating the course. Janet is amazing because she can easily simplify hard to understand technologies. Kevin Przystup

Life Consultant