Set Up & design Your Membership Site in Just one click
Without tearing your hair out!
OR having to hire a premium designer
This is you 48hrs from now

You head to your overcrowded inbox, and open an email which includes your membership site template.

You open it quicker than you can say BOO
and take a look

YES, all your membership site design woes 
have been answered.
(insert angels singing)

No more tinkering with those masculine templates, that make you want hurl
No more wondering what elements you need to place where
without it looking like a 5 year old put your members area together in the dark!

There's a pretty gorgeous, membership site template staring back at you

You sit for another 60 mins to customize your site and
your mouse glides effortlessly over your desk like it's skating on ice......

and before you know it

The membership portal that you had previously spent hours tinkering with and trying to beautify is now finished and you're ready for launch your course


Want this to be YOU? 
Then you need .......
The Click Funnels Membership 
Portal Template 
the easiest way to set up your online course in 
just one click

This template includes:
  • Members Login Page template 
  •  Members Access Page template
  •  x6 Section Modules
  •  x3 Lesson Styles so you can duplicate pages
  • Video Walk-through so you can edit the template with ease
  •   Membership Portal Hacks guide and checklist to help you create your site in 60 mins.
I've done all the hard work so you don't have to.
All you have to do is Click, duplicate, add your content and launch!
Who am I, and why should you care?

I'm Janet, an E-Learning specialist and an ClickFunnels Membership Site #nerdygirl. 

I design POPPIN' membership sites and help tiny businesses create online courses 

Over the last 2 years i've had the opportunity to go under the hood of some pretty freaking awesome online courses that you've probably been seen dancing in your Facebook news feed. These courses have generated close to $1 million dollars in revenue.

I organise course content and build membership sites like a tailor structures suits!
Got Questions, then I have answers
I love the look of this template, but can I customise it?
Hell Yeah, you can customise it. You can remove the images and change the colours to your branding. The Walkthrough video shows you exactly what to do.
 Can I use the template again if I have want to create another site?
Absolutely, YES you can. Once you have it in your ClickFunnels account all you have to do is duplicate it.
Do I need to have a ClickFunnels Account to use this template?
Yes, you'll need to have a ClickFunnels account to use this template. If you don't have one you can grab a FREE 14day trail here.

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