Happy August!

Here’s a funny thing.

I never used to think of myself as being creative. I used to think that creativity only came in the artistic form i.e painting, drawing, sculpting etc.

But it’s only when I started my own business that it dawned on me that yes, I’m a creative person ….. d’uh!

It takes a huge amount of creativity for me to step into the shoes of your ideal client to create a program for them.
But while I’ve been in the depths of creating some big beautiful programs for my clients, I wanted to share some bursts of inspiration for you just in case you’re feeling a little stuck.

Your Monthly Dose of Program Creation Motivation

Keep it simple stupid – your program doesn’t need to be a huge program with lots of bells and whistles and lots of modules etc. It just needs to be able to solve a burning problem for your ideal clients, nothing more. Some of the best programs are short, sweet and get straight to the point.

Your Monthly Dose of Program Creation Motivation

It’s going to be emotional – creating anything is such an emotional process especially when you pour your heart and soul into creating something special for your clients and customers that you know will help them. At times you’ll think ‘I can’t do this’ and will want to chuck in the towel. But don’t. Just keep going!

Your Monthly Dose of Program Creation Motivation

Give yourself time to create your greatest work. Don’t Rush. – Yes, it really isn’t a race. Here’s a suggestion, if creating an online program or course seems like a massive task…… Why not try it out as a live workshop first? It’s worth a try.

Your Monthly Dose of Program Creation Motivation

The creation of your program needs to get messy before it can get organised – This is 100% normal! Before your program can become streamlined and organised it will be 1 hot mess! So just recognize that this is the creative process and it will all work out perfectly. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, to break through the messiness!

So those are my 4 bursts of inspiration for you this month to help you with the creation of your program.

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