A few weeks ago I was on the hunt for a business planner for 2016 and while I was on the hunt I came across an army of planners all providing different solutions to help you reach your goals.

If you’re a stationery junkie like me – I could buy them all and have them piled up on my desk. I’ve done that in the past and ended up writing everything in my notebook and losing everything as I made my way through the notebooks.

This year – I’m putting everything on one place.

So, if you haven’t found a business planner for this year, I’ve done all the hard work for you and found 20 Business Planners and Goal Setting Journals in the Market for 2016.

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1. Daily Greatness Business Planner

daily greatness business planner








Image Source: dailygreatness.co

This year I decided to invest in a new planner and stumbled across this one on Facebook a few week ago. It had everything I was looking for, a place to plan my monthly and quarterly goals as well as my daily tasks. I’m not a fan of doing my planning at the computer and sometimes I just need a quiet place to sit down and map out my thoughts.

The thing I love about it the most is that I has budget worksheets, personal development tools and appointment planners all to keep you on track with meeting your goals. 


2. Passion Planner

passion planner








Image Source: facebook.com/thepassionplanner

Last year I was tempted to buy this one while the Kickstarter campaign was running, but i’ve heard nothing but good things about it froms friends and colleagues.

Passion Planner is a paper planner designed with your passions and personal goals in mind. An all-in-one weekly appointment calendar, journal, goal setting guide, and to-do list log integrated in one handmade, durable faux-leather planner. It seamlessly balances functionality, personal reflection and goal setting in one beautiful handcrafted planner.


3. The Simplified Planner by Emily Ley

simplified planner emily ley








Image Source: emilyley.com

The Simplified Planner is a minimal, joyful daily agenda designed for busy women. This planner is sold in three editions each year: The Academic Daily Edition (dated August through July), the Calendar Year Daily Edition (dated January through December) and the Weekly Edition (dated a full 17 months from August through the following December). Daily Editions feature one day per page and shared weekend pages. The Weekly Edition features one week per two-page-spread.

4. Kate Spade Planner

kate spade planner








Image Source: katespade.com

This 17-month agenda is a to-do lister’s dream come true. complete with monthly and weekly spreads, a contacts section, note pages and laminated dividers, keeping tabs on your life has never looked so good. plus, the sweet sayings throughout add a little motivation to the start of each new month.


5.  2016 Create Your Shining Year Planner by Leonie Dawson

Create Your Shining Year

Image Source: shiningacademy.com

The Create Your Shining Year In Biz + Life workbooks will turn your New Year’s resolutions from faded-out forgotten wishes in a month’s time into actual dreams come true. They are essential catalysts and companions to helping you unfold your most incredible year yet in business and life..Over the last seven years, hundreds of thousands of women have used this workbook with the most amazing results. It uses simple yet powerful techniques to help you not only dream your biggest dream and set your goals, but to actually MAKE THEM HAPPEN too.


6. liveWELL Planner from inkWELL Presslivewell planner inkwell press

Image Source: inkwellpress.com

A  unique weekly planner as it’s designed specifically for women with spots for meal planning, fitness journaling, and more. With a choice of 2 weekly layout styles and alternating monthly color schemes, it’s also packed with many great features.


7. Danielle Laporte’s Desire Map Day Planner

desire map planner








Image Source: daniellelaporte.com

The Desire Map Planner line is a holistic way to plan your day and life. Practical details meet soulful inquiry, so you can align your heart with everything you do. Inner meets outer. The way it should be. Most day planner systems are straight dates and to do’s. All checklists, zero spirit. Enter The Desire Map Planner Collection, based on the wildly popular book and workshop by Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul. This planning system incorporates your soul and your to-do list; your gratitude and your goals; your deepest desires with your day-to-day.


8. Your Best Year 2016: Productivity Workbook and Creative Business Planner

Your Best Year planner lisa jacobs








Image Source: Amazon.com

Your Best Year by Lisa Jacobs is an annual workbook designed to help creative entrepreneurs make your starriest dreams and most ambitious goals come true. It’s for creatives who are ready to stretch their comfort zone and make it happen already in 2016. This edition is bigger and better than ever before. The 2016 edition unveils a new system intended to help you stop the daily scramble and plan ahead for the most productive and profitable year of your life.


9. iBloom 2016 Life & Business Planner

ibloom planner











Image Source: ibloom.co

This planner will help you keep your priorities lined up, honor those important appointments, and even help you reach your financial goals. They’ve combined the best of all of the planners they’ve ever used, plus many of the concepts from their books, iChoose2 Love My Life and iBloom in Business.


10. THE DAILY DREAM CREATOR from Bliss Inventive









Image Source: blissinventive.com

The Daily Dream Creator is an amazing resource on multiple levels. On one, from a strategic standpoint for increasing productivity in our days. Another, from an inspiration standpoint for increasing the positivity, vibration and fulfilment in all areas of our lives. A melding of our left and right brains for truly enriched living. A gorgeous hardcover 2016 daily planner + stunning overall design.


11. 2016 Erin Condren LifePlanner™

Erin Condren LifePlanner™










Image Source: erincondren.com

Organizational calendar. Motivator. Color infuser. Journal. Memory book. Academic planner. Happiness inducer. Time capsule. Exercise log. Inspiration book. Meal planner. Baby journal. It’s all encompassing, what YOU want it to be. It’s your book for your life.


12. The Day Designer by Whitney English

Day Designer Whitney English

Image Source: daydesigner.com

When you’re feeling pulled in a million directions, looking for clarity and trying to find balance, Day Designer® can help. Created with creative professionals, busy mamas, and girls-on-the-go in mind, the unique Day Designer® four-step daily planning system can bring order to chaos. The heart of Day Designer® is the daily planning page, featuring four key components: space for your top-three to-dos, a running to-do list, a robust schedule section, and a spot to record a daily gratitude.


13. The Woman’s Success Planner™

women success planner







Image Source: thesuccesschoice.com

The Woman’s Success Planner™ is the most complete woman’s planner. It is customized for today’s woman. It’s not just a day planner-it’s a life planner designed to bring you joy. This planner is a tool to serve you. The planner is packed with useful tools to use as you grow into them. It helps you achieve balance, order, and joy.



get to work book








Image Source: gettoworkbook.com

GET TO WORK BOOK® is a daily planner + goal setting workbook designed to help you make progress on your big goals by taking things one day at a time. While (sadly) it can’t do your work for you, every inch of it was thoughtfully designed to help you get to work. It has an easy-on-the-eyes design that inspires and doesn’t detract. The book features the same simple content designed to organize, not compete with, your great ideas.


15. Tools4Wisdom Planner 2016

tools4wisdom planner








Image Source: Amazon.com

Deep within our subconscious lies a treasure of wisdom with a wealth of creative ideas waiting to be discovered. Planning while asking the right questions is the key to unlocking this treasure as we connect with our higher self. A Tools4Wisdom planner has been crafted for this purpose through question-driven planning and daily schedules that emphasize on the essential. Each planning page serves as a compass to plan on doing more of what we love – and less of the opposite.


16. The Lilly Pulitzer 2016 Agenda

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda








Image Source: Amazon.com

Keep your social schedule in order (and in style) with this planner. It is a daily agenda full of frisky fun! The colored tabs make for happy planning. Complete with weekly and monthly calendar pages, this Lilly Pulitzer planner has dates to remember, contacts and notes.


17. Blue Sky 2016 Planners

blue sky planner









Image Source: bluesky.com

Slim, stylish planners keep you organized everywhere you go. Fresh page designs offer plenty of room for all of your important information. Thick, premium quality paper with Mylar-coated tabbed dividers are long lasting and make accessing information a breeze. Mix and match with other planning products from Blue Sky to organize your daily life.


18. The Daykeeper











Image Source: facebook.com/thedaykeeperdatebook

Get inspired to travel, create and grow in the faith as you write through this beautiful journal/agenda filled with original artwork and photographs. Aside from jotting down your schedule and to-do’s, there is also enough space to list down “things that made you smile “ each day, all of this cultivating an attitude of gratitude in you! There is also space to write down your ideas, musings and even a letter to your future self.


19. 2016 Planner & Diary by Craftsposure








Image Source: craftsposure.com

The 2016 planner & diary for creatives, business owners & entrepreneurs. The weekly planner is dated & includes monthly calendars, goal setting & budgeting. As well as a monthly overview calendar, grow your creative business with a dedicated marketing + editorial calendar that let’s you plan and schedule your marketing campaigns in one easy overview.


20. Thrive Planner by Kimika Hudson

thrive planner kimika hudson








Image Source: kimikahudson.com

A Day Planner Made For Entrepreneurs. Imagine a day planner that actually helps you focus on the delicious sales you are going to make and not the meal you’re going to cook. A simple, beautifully designed, layout that makes it easy to follow and inspiring to use. This Digital Planner is made to use on your: Computer, Tablet, or Phone So that you can take it anywhere and use it on the go.


Final thoughts:

There are so many different options to choose for business planners and if you’re a stationery junkie like me it’s easy to buy one and just put it down because it looks too pretty and you don’t want to write in it.

But the thing is setting goals and achieving them takes constant action to gain momentum and get to the place you want to.

If one of your goals is creating your online course ready to get it to the masses in 2016 and you’re struggling to organise your course content and feel overwhelmed by what you have to do then let’s discuss how I can help you move forward in a Complimentary Clarity Session.