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Want to create a course, but don't know where to start?

Are you bubbling with course ideas and you just do
n't know
how to organise your thoughts or which course to start with?
the tools, the freaking tools?

Let me help you get unstuck.

I have a number of different ways we can work together. 
But my goal is to make sure you have the right product or service that meets your needs 
to help you Unlock Your Course Idea.

There are a few ways I can help:

Birth.That.Course Planning Session 
a 90min Strategy Session

OR my

Idea to Beta Mentoring Program -
8 week mentoring program to create and launch your course

But before we do anything,
Let's Unlock Your Course Idea in this free call,
let's discuss where you're at,
where you're stuck
and what you need, to move forward

These 2 packages are by application only
so please ensure you complete the Q's on the following page  

I will review your application and let you know if your application has been accepted.

I honestly believe that after working with Janet I was able to deliver my best work to date. This is because I now had a clear framework to get my knowledge out there.


Creator of 6 Figure Funnels

My online course is a reality only because of her knowledge and expertise. 

Janet filled in gaps that I had no idea were there and came up with creative and effective solutions to the inevitable challenges that arose along the way.

DR NINA  //  Creator of Kick The Diet Habit

I FINALLY have a course!! If you want some straight-forward, uncomplicated hands on guidance to get their content into the hands of their audience you NEED  to join Idea to Beta it has definitely worked for me.

CASS DUNN  //  Creator of

Mindfulness For Busy People


Please Note – I am not a Launch Strategist and do not cover online course launching, marketing or Facebook Ads.
Developing your online course and bringing it to life is where I can help you.

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