12 months ago you wanted to create your online course …. BUT you’re still at homebase with an arm full of notes, course outlines and crazy ideas and still haven’t created your online course?
 Never fear your Online Course Creation Fairy Godmother is here!
You have grand plans for your business this year, and want to write a new book, grow your team and help even more people.
You want to spend more time with your family, take trips and away without having to check your emails every 5 minutes like a crazy person.
Business is going well and you have more clients than you shake a stick at and you’re grateful for every single one of the clients you’ve helped.
You feel you have a bigger message to share. A message to share with the world that’s bigger than you. Something that you have been working on for years, that’s life changing that has the potential to help thousands of people, right?
Right now: You feel you like creating your online course seems like an impossible task, from the technology to the creation to the launching and online marketing stuff ahhhhh!
Plus, if you have to read another freaking blog post, launch strategy or some sort of crazy marketing tip you’re going to scream! So to put it lightly you’re not even sure where to start. You want to grow your business but how …..
You actually have all the answers you need to move forward and create your course Yes you do! I’m in your corner and i’m here to take you hand and guide you through the process.

I’m Janet Kafadar an Online Course Design Specialist for established Wellness Professionals: Practitioners, Healers, and Health & Life coaches who are frustrated with their efforts to create an online course and want to create and deliver impactful online course that allows them to deliver their message to the masses and grow their business.

As a successful course design specialist having worked with coaches, mentors, therapists and practitioners to help them create their online course and having built a 6 figure business in 18mths myself – I know a thing or two about creating courses and I work with action taking entrepreneurs who want to::


  • Create and launch their online course NOW, not in 6 months or 12months time
  • Create a meaningful online courses that create a quality learning experience that gets results
  • Want to exponentially grow their business now, have a better lifestyle and have more impact

In short, I only work with action takers. I’m not here to persuade you that now is the right time to work with me. I’m only interested in working with women who have more drive, dedication and determination than a turbo charged racing car who want to succeed in life! If that’s not you then we aren’t a good fit. If that’s you then welcome to my corner of the internet where I’m going to take you under my wing and help you deliver your message to the masses and grow your business – period. Your clients, are my clients.

When you work with me you get access to everything I’ve learnt from years of crafting bespoke courses,  offline and online.  With 10+ years in Marketing Communications and E-learning in corporate my skills and expertise are where: Adult learning, E-learning and online marketing come to play.
What this really means is: I’m going to teach you how to create a truly stellar online course that’s going to help you share you message with the masses (not just those who happen to live in your home town). 
I’m going to motivate you like you have nothing to loose and push you to think well and truly outside of the box and push the envelope with everything you create.
And I’m going to hold you accountable and gently whisper reminders of your dream life in your ear whenever you have a shitty day and want to chuck in the towel.

I simply don’t believe in the word can’t.  It’s not in my vocabulary.  If you like to hide behind can’t, we probably aren’t right for each other.

I love anything to do with food. I don’t consider myself a masterchef, but I make a mean feed!

   I’m a Mum to two kiddos under five with another on the way so I totally get how challenging it can be to keep all the plates spinning, at work and at home.

I’m all business one minute and a complete goof the next.  If you’re looking for business advice with a side of belly laughs I’m your gal.

I love to move, dance and shake my thang. When i’m not pregnant you’ll find me a Hip-Hop or Zumba classes

I hate the sound of my fingernails scratching on cardboard – it makes the hairs on the back of my neck – stand up!

I’m fiercely determined and believe ‘hands down’ you can do anything, if you set your mind to it.

Ready to light the touch paper and ignite your ambitions? Get your feet wet and grab a copy of my Ultimate Course Creation Checklist to get a clear idea of all the steps you need to create your online course.

Want more and want to know how I can help you create your online course on a weekend? Grab a copy of the Course Creation Playbook.