I recently fell into the trap of creating a new product that I thought my audience needed and wanted, but it didn’t quiet hit the mark.

Yes, things went well, but not as well as they could have done, and I know that this happens a lot to my own clients as well.

The reason why this happened is because I simply didn’t take my own advise and do the 1st tip I mentioned in video below.

I share 3 Tips to Develop Your Online Course.

If you’ve finally settled on your idea, created and developed your course outline and you’re running a few people through your BETA round of your course and you feel that the course content, structure or overarching course is not quite hitting the mark, I want you to go back through your course outline and make sure you’ve done the 3 things I mention in the video below.

In a nutshell here are the 3 tips I discuss:

1. Go back and do further research to see what your audience are struggling with. Send out a survey, get on the phone, connect with people and ask them questions so you can REALLY see how your products, programs or courses can be the answer to their prayers.

2. Define WHO your course is for and who your course ISN’T for. If your course is for entrepreneurs, define what type of Entrepreneurs, i,e male, female, start ups etc. Define their age, where they are in their life right now etc.

3. Define what RESULTS/OUTCOME they will get. Get super clear on what outcome your audience will get. What will they learn, what will they achieve, how will they feel, what results will they get. If you’re not sure about what they will achieve and what outcome they will get – your audience won’t know either!

If you feel that your course is not hitting the mark at the moment and your feeling a little tongue tied or your course may be too high level for your audience. I encourage you to go back and do these 3 steps.

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Share in the comments below where you’re up to in the creation of your online course and whether you have had to go back to the drawing board and start again with the development of your course. I’d love to hear from you.