Does the thought of creating a new slide deck or using PowerPoint make your eyes water? It’s not for everyone – it really isn’t. Luckily for you I’ve found 14 Presentation alternatives to PowerPoint to help you create some really fabulous and engaging slides to WOW your clients.

Creating a great slide deck for your online program is really important, I mean really important.


“You have about 20 mins or less to keep an adult’s attention. Yes, Only 20 mins!”

Over the years, I’ve seen: plain white training videos with 50 bullet points on a page with unformatted text, screen recordings of Google and word docs, slides with just images, black slides with just audio.

I’ve seen the good the bad and the ugly

“Remember: The goal is not to bore people with soulless slides”

No, no, no.

While I’m not knocking anyone’s efforts to hit publish and move forward (I applaud anyone who takes action). I also appreciate that not everyone is a designer and for some people creating slides in Powerpoint just makes their eyes water.

Does the thought of creating a new slide deck or using PowerPoint make your eyes water? It’s not for everyone – it really isn’t. Luckily for you I’ve found 14 Presentation alternatives to PowerPoint to help you create some really fabulous and engaging slides to WOW your clients. >>

Yep, I get it.

Over the last few months, I’ve been really optimising my PowerPoint skills for clients projects and making sure they’re the best that they can be from a learning perspective.

While I know that using slide creation tool is necessary, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The aim is to make them as engaging and visually appealing as possible.

Luckily, there are SO many presentation alternatives to PowerPoint you can use to create gorgeous slides – that won’t give you grey hairs in the process. Here are a few of my favourites that I’ve tried, tested and LOVE.


5 of my favourite tried and tested PowerPoint Alternatives










Wow Factor: Prezi is great because it has Cinematic zoom and transition appeal that uses a pathway technology. So, your presentation will not only look intellectual but with flare as well – which is also good.

What to love: It can be used in multiple offline and online devices–and yes, it is cost effective!



Wow Factor: Not many people know Canva have some fantastic presentation templates and I admit you can get a little lost in there fiddling and choosing the right colour and template, but it gives you a great starting point.

What to love: Sometimes I make my clients presentation templates in Canva and use my presentation tool (PowerPoint) to add the text overlays and animations.




Wow Factor: Keynote is for Mac Users – think of it as the Mac version of Powerpoint. I’ve used both even though I’m a PC user and they pretty much do the same thing.

What to love: The good thing is they have pre-stock images that will keep your audience engaged. Images are a great way to keep the engagement, but I’ll talk about that another time.


Google Slides









Wow Factor: Oh Google Slides – how I love you so! Seriously It takes the hassle of collaborating with team members of clients right out of the equation. No more transferring files back and forth and worrying about version control. It works similarly to Powerpoint but have fewer features. But if you’re looking for an easy free solution you should definitely try Google slides

Pro Tip: If you’re doing a webinar using Google Hangouts on Air – be sure to use Google Slides if you can. As it’s a Google platform it integrated perfectly with the hangout platform – simple.










Wow Factor: This is another web-based platform just like Canva & Google Slides. It’s a perfect combination of funky and professionalism without hurting your brand.

What to love: You can create stunning presentations without thinking too much about the concept. And, it only takes a few click with your mouse. The only downside is that they don’t have very many templates to get you started. So if you’ve uber creative and able to start from a blank canvas then this tool is for you.


9 Presentation alternatives to Powerpoint applications worth trying


  • An online animated presentation software that allows anyone to create amazing animated presentations and animated explainer videos.

Wow factor: An Animated presentation that adds sparkle and engagement.

What to love: It’s DIY and easy to use even if you’re not an animator.

This is definitely a go especially when you want to present at a new level.


  • An online presentation platform that lets users create, manage, share and measure presentations.

Wow Factor: Turns your presentation to HD Video, audio, charts, and flash–create statistics presentation with a bang.

What to love: Turn your powerpoint and google presentation into a dynamic high definition presentation.


  • A powerful presentation tool that can create custom playlists for all your presentation files and media.

Wow Factor: Present and interact? Yes, it’s here. You can get LIVE polls during presentation with the audience.

What to love: All are created within the app, no need any plugins or extension tools to worry about.Just upload it anywhere you want and voila!
  • A sales engagement platform that enables to record and share presentations using a webcam.

Wow Factor: Got docs to present? This is the answer. You can present PDF, excel, Word doc while presenting through video side by side.

What to Love: You can upload your presentation as a video and just upload it anywhere.


  • Online presentation tools for Salespeople. Easy learning curve. Low budget. Simple do-it-yourself tools.

Wow Factor: If you want to make your presentation hip, cool, and animated–this is a good way to go.

What to love: It’s cost effective and does not require a video graphics editor.


Haiku Deck
  •  A completely new kind of presentation software makes it a snap to create beautiful presentations that will wow your audience.

Wow Factor: It’s Free. With over millions of images to access and you can also upload your own images from Dropbox, Flickr, or Google Drive

What to love: If you don’t want to spend the whole day creating one, this is a good option. And if you want a good looking presentation–with stories to tell through images with a few words, this is a strong candidate.


  • A framework for creating beautiful presentations using HTML. It has a number of slick features like Markdown content, nested slides, PDF export, and JavaScript APIs for controlling the slide navigation.

Wow Factor: A whole new level of presentation that creates slides through HTML or Markdown. It may sound hardcore and you may think it’s a web developer’s tool but you don’t actually need to become one to use it.

What to love: It’s simple to use. You can create robust slides and presentations that you can save in any device.


Sparkol – VideoScribe
  • A software for creating whiteboard animations automatically. Bringing visual storytelling to life, allows you to take your public speaking to new levels!”

Wow Factor: Draw your own animated presentation.

What to love: Make your presentation a little bit more YOU. You can create your own animation as it gives you the power to manipulate your slide with a touch of your lines.


  • a B2B sales presentation software that connects team and deliver results. The only sales & marketing platform that combines a design-focused presentation builder

Wow Factor: Sticks to your brand and is a power tool for sales packed with analytics and can be integrated with Sales Force

What to love: You can deliver it online and offline with your employees with the help of Cloud. It’s easy and accessible especially for big companies with 25 employees.


Closing notes

There are so many options out there to enable you to create a slide deck for your online program and I could have provided you with a list of 25 different options – but really. That’s not helpful ‘hello overwhelm’.

My best advice is, pick one tool that works for you, master how to use it, and then move onto something else if you that tool isn’t providing you with everything you need.

Leave a comment below  and let me know what your favourite tool is?

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